Last Laugh Tav 1

Her ankles locked together in stocks, Maxim can only watch as Meredith teasingly removes her sneakers. Then, armed with a pair of scissors, Meredith snips a little hole in one of the socks. She inserts her finger in the hole to tease Maxim's toes and is rewarded with a few giggles. She then cuts some more so she can have fun with all ten exposed toes. More cuts follow, until the right foot in completely bare and the left half-exposed. Meredith tends to focus her efforts at the base of the toes, which seems to be the most sensitive part of Maxim's feet, at least when fingers are used. Now, as a ticklee, Maxim tends to be on the moderate side, but she has cute reactions, and Meredith has a lot of fun extracting delightful giggles from her helpless charge. After a few minutes, Maxim's big toes are pulled back with leather cuffs. Pieces of string are also tied to the next two toes of each foot. Her sneakers are seen hanging from the stocks and the remains of her socks are still around her ankles. It's now a 2-on-1 tickling scene, as I work on the left foot while Meredith takes care of the right. Fingers and combs are used a lot, and we later discover that Maxim is quite sensitive to the little plastic Stegosaurus that has appeared in a few of my previous videos. It's the back plates, you see. Actually, I have a few of those things, so Meredith and I eventually use one each to scratch Maxim's soles.

Last Laugh Tav 2

Meredith has climbed on the table, kneeling over Maxim's legs so she can tickle her feet from over the stocks. A short while later I add my contribution, reaching poor Maxim's feet from the side. After about a minute Meredith sits behind Maxim so she can dig into her waist and ribs while I continue my work at her feet. Thing don't look too good for her. At one point I ask her if she's enjoying this, and she exclaims, without hesitation, "Nooooo!" Unfortunately for her, enjoyment of the tickling is not a requirement for this shoot, so Meredith and I continue to tickle her for a few more minutes. Besides, she's a good sport about it and understands the need for her to tough it up a while longer. Near the end, when the scene seems finally over, Meredith goes for one last upper body assault. Frankly, I kind of saw it coming.

Last Laugh Tav 3

This time, Maxim is kneeling with her ankles locked in the middle holes of the stocks. Her wrists are secured to the outside holes on her side of the stocks (though she sometimes passes her hands through the holes), so she is forced to curl in a rather compact position where her face is pressed against the table. This doesn't allow for much movement. Another downside for her is that, well, her butt kinda sticks out over the stocks. But that's not the purpose of the position. Her short socks are removed by Meredith, who then proceeds to tickle her soles and toes. I soon team up with Meredith to make things a bit more challenging for Maxim. Fingers, combs and a plastic dinosaur are used. At the end, Meredith moves up to get Maxim's upper body while I stick to the feet.

Last Laugh Tav 4

Meredith gets a little more physical in this scene. Maxim's wrists and ankles are cuffed to both ends of a padded rod that acts as a spreader bar. Meredith can easily roll her over in whatever position she wants and keep her still with minimal effort. Maxim is really quite helpless to do anything about it. Under different circumstances, some of these positions might be a tad compromising, including one where Maxim is trapped with her butt in the air. But in this context they're really just funny. Meredith works on Maxim all over, both feet and upper body.

Last Laugh Tav 5

Maxim is restrained to my weight bench, her arms over her head and her ankles restrained in an elevated position. Meredith is sitting on the bench between Maxim's legs within easy reach of her belly and ribs, on which one may notice a series of kitty paw print tattoos. Things get worse for Maxim when I team up with Meredith, either joining her at the belly or taking charge of Maxim's feet.