Last Laugh Nun 1

The first scene of Last Laugh Nun start with a close-up of Sophia. A voice can be heard saying “I’m coming…” It belongs to Madria, who’s looking forward to what’s coming up. I zoom out to show Sophia’s situation. She’s sitting on an armchair that was lowered onto its back. That way her feet are up. One can notice a number of accessories screwed into the front of the armchair. Those are used for ankle and toe bondage. Sophia’s ankles are cuffed apart, on both sides of the seat cushion. Her wrists are also cuffed, but otherwise they’re not restrained. Of course, in this position her hands are totally useless anyway. Madria enters the shot and rids Sophia’s feet of her socks. Then the tickling begins. It’s immediately obvious that Sophia’s feet are quite ticklish. Madria enjoys it very much, even though she’s decided to adopt a somewhat serious, dominant demeanor, like a strict school teacher or something. She even wears smart, serious looking outfit, again kinda like a teacher. For the first three minutes or so Sophia’s feet are basically free to wiggle around. But Madria knows how to grab a foot or pull back a big toe when she needs to. Then we get to see Madria finishing the job of restraining Sophia’s big toes, which are now held back by leather toe cuffs. Once she’s done Madria looses no time before digging in. The toe bondage makes her job unfairly easy. She experiments with a paintbrush for a few moments but soon goes back to fingers for the rest of the scene. I help Madria with the tickling for the last three minutes, much to Sophia’s dismay.

Last Laugh Nun 2

After a quick close-up of Madria’s lovely feet and wiggling toes, I zoom out to show what situation she got herself into. The armchair is still resting on its back. Madria is sitting on the backrest, her back against the seat. Her wrists are cuffed over her head to a couple of wood pieces screwed into the chair. Sophia’s hands enter the shot sneakily from above to reach Madria’s armpits. For the first couple of minutes Sophia does her evil work from above, mostly on the armpits but sometimes reaching lower to get the belly. After that, she sits fairly comfortably in the space between the chair’s seat and Madria, wrapping her legs around her friend. She’s fully in control, tickling fast and forcing Madria to laugh constantly. She messes with her mind, like when she makes her say that she enjoys being tickled and has her ask for even more. Earlier we tested Madria’s feet but she didn’t seem especially ticklish there. But I give them another try, just in case. To my pleasant surprised, it turns out that all she needed was to get warmed up (her feet were rather cold at the beginning). Good to know. So while Sophia plays with Madria’s exposed ribs, I mess with her toes, first with my fingers, then with an electric toothbrush, the latter being especially effective. However, I leave her feet alone after about a minute, deciding to keep them for a later scene. I let Sophia have some fun for several more minutes. Fortunately, while Madria is very ticklish and suffers through this ordeal for about eleven minutes, she’s got a lot of stamina so can take it….More or less.

Last Laugh Nun 3

Having previously made the pleasant discovery that, after being warmed up, Madria’s feet are ticklish after all, there’s no way we’re not going to do something with them. We don’t bother making many changes to the previous position. The main difference is that Madria’s cuffed ankles are now held in a leg-lock by Sophia. Madria isn’t as ticklish on her feet than on her upper body, but definitely enough for a fun, playful scene. Sophia alternates between her fingers and an electric toothbrush. Which technique is the most effective isn’t clear, but they both work just fine.

Last Laugh Nun 4

Sophia is leaning back on and restrained to my weight bench, her wrists cuffed over her head and her elbows cuffed to the sides so that she’s quite incapable of protecting her upper body. Madria is staring at her from above with a stern expression. She’s wearing a serious-looking outfit, glasses, and her hair is tied up. This, along with Sophia’s outfit, suggests a teacher-punishes-lazy-student scenario. But aside from a few corny improvised lines here and there, it’s really just another tickling scenario without a plot or scripted dialogue (I’m actually not a big fan of those). Still, Madria does a good job of staying in character. She goes for the ribs a few brief times, but she mainly focuses on the armpits. Sophia isn’t as ticklish on her upper body as on her feet, but Madria’s punishment is still an ordeal for her.

Last Laugh Nun 5

Madria sits at one end of the weight bench, right in front on Sophia. She drops one high heel to the floor, removes the second one. She lifts her feet up (showing off a neat flower tattoo on her right ankle) and digs her toes into Sophia’s armpits. Toes aren’t especially dexterous, and the tickling is rather light. But it’s certainly fun to watch, and Sophia still wishes those toes would stay clear of her armpits. Turns out she’s not at all relieved when they do, though, because things actually get worse for her when, after a couple of minutes of tickling-with-toes, Madria goes back to her more agile fingers.

Last Laugh Nun 6

Sophia is off the weight bench and is now sitting in a chair. The weight bench is still there, though, right in front of her, supporting a padded rod to which her elevated feet are restrained. Her wrists are cuffed to the sides of the chair, so she’s quite helpless. Madria digs into her soles with gusto. While her fingers are her main tools, Madria adds some tongue and teeth tickling to the mix. Sophia seems to find all these techniques equally agonizing.

Last Laugh Nun 7

Madria is kneeling on a chair, facing the backrest. Her wrists are restrained to the top of the chair while her ankles are cuffed to the edge of the seat, so her toes are pointing down. Sophia, sitting on the floor, slips off her shoes. She teases her soles with a feather for a few moments before letting her fingers take over. They wiggle like hyperactive spiders all over Madria’s skin. An electric toothbrush makes a brief appearance as well. Madria laughs the whole time, but Sophia sometimes hits a special spot or finds a special techniques that really pushes Madria’s buttons. It turns out that Madria’s exposed calves are also sensitive, so Sophia explores that area a bit from time to time, while still mainly focusing on the feet. Madria’s position allows for some squirming, but otherwise she’s quite helpless. Out of the 10 minutes this scene lasts, a few are spent licking Madria’s soles, a technique that works quite well in this case. To allow Madria to cool down before the shoot is complete over, Sophia ends her job as it started, teasing Madria’s toes with a feather.